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The Omni Settlements System allows you to pay your Contractors / Drivers by any method: % of revenue, mileage, flat rate, hundred weight, # of cases, stop offs and exception pay. The Omni Settlements system interfaces with Dispatch and Billing to transfer load data for both company drivers and contractors. Driver Pay will interface with the Omni Payroll system. the software offers the ability to select only entries that you choose to pay for a specified pay period.

Settlements Features:

  • Provides functions necessary to process any pay method.
  • Providing accurate information and assuring precise pay will increase driver retention. Additionally, this reduces required time to create payroll with correct pay methods including all approved pay amounts. Both reduce the cost associated with driver pay and driver retention.
  • Team and Per Diem pay management.
  • Omni provides team and Per Diem pay management. Team pay can be automatically configured and driver specific or company wide Per Diem can be set up. Standard Per Diem by mile can be calculated automatically by the system.
  • One check-in screen for settlements.
  • The Omni system has one check-in screen for settlements to handle paper work check-in, reimbursements and special pay. This provides an easy process to update pay information for tractors and drivers decreasing the time to process settlements.
  • Standard deduction system.
  • The Omni standard deduction system allows for weekly / monthly or % deductions to be automatically deducted. The scheduled deductions feature allows for a one time setup of a deduction specifying frequency, duration and amount, which automatically discontinue once the limit is reached. These features reduce the cost associated with omitted required deductions.
  • Fuel card interfaces.
  • Omni offers fuel card interfaces that automatically download advances and contractor fuel purchases to be deducted for all major fuel card vendors. Omni also offers immediate card updates for advance authorization. This ensures that all charges are correctly posted in a timely manner decreasing both time and potential manual errors .
  • On-line advances from an advance service.
  • Omni provides on-line advances from an advance service such as Comdata, EFS, TCHK, etc. With this ability, advances from dispatch automatically charge the driver and set up pay to the service. This provides a timely posting of advance money plus a time saving advantage for the dispatcher with a paperless transaction. Personnel do not have to call the service or complete a form with authorization codes for the service. Codes are downloaded into the system from the service as needed.
  • Detail pay statements for contractors and drivers.
  • Print statements for contractors and drivers detailing all trips and deductions. Providing all needed information reduces internal administrative time dealing with driver questions as well as reducing driver turnover.
  • Print 1099's for contractors.
  • Omni provides 1099's for Contractors. The 1099 totals are retained for all payments and will print on standard 1099 forms. This eliminates the time to manually add earnings for the year, reducing internal administration cost associated with year end processing.
  • Direct deposit interface for contractors and company drivers.
  • Omni has a direct deposit interface that creates NACHA files for contractors and company drivers as well as administrative staff. Direct deposits can be with your bank or any fuel card service that offers payroll direct deposits for drivers. This is a great tool to help with employee and contractor retention.
  • Email Settlement Statements.
  • Use the Omni email functions to email settlements to owner operators and carriers.
  • Multi-feature history inquiry.
  • The settlement history inquiry has the ability to preview any paid settlement for any date and additionally the ability to reprint or email a statment or all statments within a designated date range.

OMNI wrote the programs and reports that my business needs, where other companies would not. It is the BEST trucking software available in its price range and as good or better than other, more expensive software that we checked into. The customized programs allow us to expand our business without adding employees. Customer service is prompt and a MASTER at problem solving.

Karen Watkins
Watkins & Son, Chattanooga, TN


  • A fully integrated software package that handles your entire business needs. A totally integrated system that can cut your administration time by over 40%.


  • Complete check-in screen that handles paper work check-in, reimbursements and special pay.

  • Easily update pay information for tractors and drivers


  • Set up weekly/monthly or % deductions to be automatically deducted.


  • Automatically download advances and Contractor fuel purchases.


  • Print 1099's for Contractors.


  • Add special messages to Contractors/Drivers on statements.


  • Direct deposit for Contractors and Company drivers.


  • On-line documentation at your finger tips as well as easy to understand written manuals.


  • On-site training, web training and training at our training center in Atlanta. Training can be totally customized to your budget and needs.