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Since it's founding, Omni Information Systems has conducted business according to several guiding principles that over the years have become inextricably linked with the company's name, products, services and - perhaps most notable - it's people. With over 30 years experience and nationwide installations, as well as international affiliates, Omni Information Systems possesses a proven track record in the development and implementation of dispatch accounting solutions. What this means to our customers is when they buy Omni , they are buying a solution that is truly tailored to their needs and will be reliable on a daily basis. Both of which will save them costs in system down time and business disruption.

Omni Information Systems provides experience across multiple kinds of carriers including Truckload, LTL, Container, Local and Broker Operations. With experience serving the needs of a variety of transportation firms, you can be assured of a single system to handle all your operations or one that will grow as your operations grow. Ultimately that means maximizing your investment.

The Omni system is a totally integrated software system. Information entered in Dispatch will transfer to Freight Billing, Settlements / Payroll and ultimately into the General Ledger. Since our accounting module is standard with all installations, you don't need third party accounting software. 

Omni's software has already facilitated the integration with interfaces for most after market products and service providers including communication systems, fuel card services, mileage software, imaging, bulk fuel and EDI formats. Omni's reputation for successful interfaces is known throughout the industry leading some of our competitors to employee our services to write interfaces for them. Our proven successful interfaces reduces the costs that are historically associated with integrating with these types of systems.

The Omni system will help you streamline your company's operation, improve efficiencies and provide you with the analytical tools essential in today's competitive transportation industry. It offers flexible options to accommodate any requirement.

If we don't have what you want, we'll write it.

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