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Document Imaging

The Omni Document Imaging System was developed by Omni professionals. Omni provides a software solution that offers document Imaging and document management without the need for a third party software provider. While other transportation software companies offer interface capabilities with imaging software, Omni's Document Imaging module is a fully integrated part of the system. This allows Omni to offer imaging at an extremely reduced cost. Omni's Imaging System allows you to streamline your business processes by easily accessing and sharing information while keeping cost down.

Document Imaging Features:

Scan for Bill of Ladings


Scan Driver Physical and Drug Reports


Scan Driver Licenses, Photos, Applications

  • Omni Document Scanning 
  • With Omni you can scan documents and attach to specific items. Attach bills of lading to invoices, drivers licenses and driver physicals to a driver and accident documentation to an accident report. Dispatchers can easily view, print or email any scanned documents to a customer. The Omni system provides the ability to scan and save images of bills of lading, delivery receipts or any other relevant backup documentation and attach it to any file in Omni. Users can easily query a file to view, print or email any backup to a customer.


  • Document Retrieval
  • You have the capability of retrieving, displaying and printing scanned documents from standard inquiry screens within the Omni package.



  • Billing Document Support
  • Generate and prints freight bills along with supporting documents which eliminates the need to manually retrieve these documents.



  • Fax/Print/Email
  • You have the option to automatically fax or email documents to your customer.







  • Document Imaging can help you realize as much as 50% efficiency savings with filing, retrieval, collections and billing departments.


  • Manage information electronically.


  • Send supporting documents by email with invoices.


  • Document Imaging can reduce filing, photocopying, destroying documents with expired retention period.


  • Print freight bills with all supporting documents.


  •  Reduce the time wasted searching for documents.


  •  Eliminate lost or delayed documents.