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The Omni Maintenance System  includes all reports necessary to complete monthly and quarterly returns for the individual state fuel tax reports.

Maintenance Features:

  • Record maintenance cost in detail for equipment.
  • Record maintenance cost in detail for equipment by entering internal and outside work orders for complete maintenance cost control.
  • Complete preventative maintenance program.
  • Set your own PM parameters for service requirements for tractors/trailers or other equipment. Enter PM update information through menu access or on a work order. The PM system allows for up to six separate PM schedules based on miles, days or hours. Personnel can easily recognize when preventive maintenance is due so that scheduled work can be completed which saves on larger repair bills.
  •  Complete parts inventory.
  • The Omni system includes a complete parts inventory.  Keeping track of inventory, parts usage, cost and vendor prices saves money on lost inventory and the cost of inventory itself.
  • Complete tire inventory system.
  • The Omni system includes a complete tire inventory system for tracking tires. Assign tires to specific tractors and trailer with brand numbers. Tracking how each tire manufacturer may perform over life provides information for future tire purchases, realizing maximum savings with the purchase of the best performing tires.
  • Fleet maintenance interface system with dispatch.
  • Omni's Fleet Maintenance interface system will display a warning for scheduled service. The dispatcher is notified on any tractor or trailer maintenance schedule that is past due. This will allow the dispatcher to schedule the equipment back for service when needed decreasing the chance for paying outside maintenance on the road and thereby saving money.
  • Parts reordering system.
  • Omni's Parts reordering system produces an automated parts reorder report with suggested vendors based on price. Save time and money by selecting the right vendor based on price per unit.
  • Retail Maintenance System.
  • The Retail Maintenance System includes functions for automated markup on parts, tax reporting, tax exempt customers, invoicing, and additional optinons to keep track of your profits.

  • A fully integrated software package that handles your entire business needs. A totally integrated system that can cut your administration time by over 40%.
  • Full interface to dispatch.
  •  Enter internal and outside work orders.
  • Set your own PM parameters for service requirements.
  • Enter/update parts inventory manually or by bar code input.
  •  Track parts usage and warranty parameters.
  •  Track tires by brand numbers to check tire manufacturer performance.
  • PO system automatically updates parts inventory and A/P.
  •  Automated parts reorder report.