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LTL Package

The Omni LTL Package  is a totally integrated software system designed specifically for the LTL Trucking Industry. The system allows for terminal pick up and delivery, interline, delivered to dock, and both inbound/outbound manifesting for bulk facilities. In addition, standard truckload dispatch can be utilized for backhauls or consolidated loads. Drivers and Owner Operators can be paid percentage, mileage, hourly or flat rates.

Customize the software to fit your individual needs....

Load booking system features:

  • Book loads that are moved on a regular basis from repetitive booking file by adding only new dates and/or reference numbers  to a template book file.
  • Adding only new dates and reference numbers to a template book file eliminates the need to re-enter duplicate booking.
  • Book multiple loads with duplicate information from one entry with a Load Template for those Shippers that move several loads daily or weekly on a repetitive route.
  • Select any booked load for an unlimited amount of duplicates. Edit only the changed dates and reference number. This minimizes data entry time by eliminating the need to re-enter duplicate booking information.
  • Alphabetical scans to locate Shippers, Consignees and Payors or search for loads by Pro #, Reference #, Bill of Lading or PO# .
  • Easily locate Shippers, Consignees and Payors with an alphabetical search or search for loads by your information or your customer's information. Providing quick access to information means a faster and more effective process which translates to a faster path to profit and productivity.
  • Automated verification of customer credit limit and past due aging, if desired.
  • If a customer is over his credit limit or has past due invoices over a specified aging date, the system can prohibit booking loads, thus reducing the cost associated with bad debt and collection expense.

Auto Rate features:

  • Build rate tables specific to each customer
  • Build rate tables by mileage, flat rates, hundred weight or any other basis to have the system automatically rate invoices. There are two benefits with automatic rating. First, this eliminates entering rating information on each individual invoice. Second, it eliminates rating errors that occur when dealing with large amounts of diverse ratings. Ultimately, this keeps cost down from invoicing errors that could effect profitability and collections.
  • Build fuel surcharge rate tables for any customers.
  • The Omni system provides the ability to build fuel surcharge rate tables for any customers to have the system automatically add fuel surcharge to the invoices. There are two benefits with automatic rating. First it eliminates manually calculating fuel surcharge on each individual invoice which can change weekly. Second, it eliminates errors that may occur with selecting correct dates and rates.

Dispatch Features:

  • Multi-functional dispatch screen.
  • The dispatcher can perform dispatch duties while allowing immediate access to pertinent operational information. The screen contains current trip information, pre-plan load information, hours of service, driver dispatch history for the last 30 days and advances received by the driver. Records driver check calls and maintains ongoing status on loads for future inquiry. The ability to view all information relevant to a driver in one screen provides dispatch with information quickly thereby decreasing the time to make decisions and keep loads moving. This means fewer lost opportunities, less empty miles, as well as faster and more effective decisions, ultimately delivering you a faster path to profit and productivity.
  • Creates both inbound and outbound manifests. Show Me
  •  The Omni system is a true LTL package. You have the ability to create inbound manifests as well as outbound manifest. A standard truckload package that says they offer LTL capabilities normally will only offer outbound manifesting. In addition, you can have up to 9 dispatches on a manifest. Instead of forcing you to change the way you do business to fit into a standard truckload package, Omni's LTL package was designed for LTL operations ensuring you receive full utility from the system and consequently full return from your purchase.
  • Easily dispatches and arrives equipment on loads allowing for up to ten legs on a load.
  • The system handles settlement pay calculations for each leg of the load separately for drivers and contractors. Accurately retain information relating to each leg of the load, which allows for better revenue reports used for management decisions and accurate pay for both drivers and contractors. This ultimately improves driver retention and reduces the cost associated with processing settlements.
  • Define dispatch areas by state or region.
  • Set up operational areas by state or region based on lanes of traffic for control of equipment. Defined areas allow the dispatcher to plan backhaul loads and schedule outbound loads for specified areas of operations. Maintaining equipment in a proper area keeps track of where all equipment is located for preplanning and calculating mileage for deadhead.
  • Set up trailer drop yards easily as you dispatch.  
  •  If dispatch is required to drop a trailer for a new customer, the dispatcher can create the trailer yard without setting up a defined yard prior to arrival or dispatch. Every trailer is either behind a truck or on a defined yard, you cannot lose track of equipment .
  • Multiple split screens for matching loads to equipment.
  • The Load Matching screen allows for complete planning and assignment of equipment to loads by displaying available and preplanned loads with available, preplanned and inbound equipment by state, area, ETA or pick up date. Click the load, click the tractor then click the Preplan button! This screen insures better decision making for preplanned and backhaul loads with equipment.
  • Complete tracking of loads from origin to destination.
  • The Omni system retains a complete tracking of loads from origin to destination and automatically records historical dispatch legs and times from normal daily dispatches. Maintain equipment in proper area, keep track of where all equipment is located for preplanning and calculate accurate mileage calculations for deadhead. The ability to research information about customer deliveries reduces internal administration costs associated with bill processing and auditing while providing better customer service.
  • Fleet Control screen.
  • The Fleet Control screen displays all tractors/trailers by state, region or multiple regions showing current load status, ETA and preplanned load for the next dispatch. This screen is a tool management can use to view the entire fleet and recognize any problem areas that need to be addressed. Ensuring trucks have preplan or backhaul dispatches thus increasing revenues and decreasing deadhead.
  • Automatic check call will be created from fuel card purchases that are imported from your vendor and displayed for dispatch with location of purchase.
  • The downloaded fuel purchases from your fuel vendor (i.e. Comdata) will automatically record tractor locations as check calls. If your company does not have a communication system, you can still have some of the benefits without the cost. The dispatcher can view tractor locations in relation to delivery information at any time.
  • Driver DOT interface will display a warning for potential expirations.
  • The Omni Safety DOT interface will display a warning for the dispatcher that a driver has an expiring physical and/or license. After drivers exceed their expiration dates, the system prohibits dispatching of the driver.
  • Fleet Maintenance interface will display a warning for scheduled service.
  • The Omni Fleet Maintenance interface will display a warning for scheduled service. The dispatcher is notified on any tractor or trailer a maintenance schedule that is past due allowing the dispatcher to schedule the equipment back for service when needed.
  • Imaging.
  • Dispatchers can easily view, print or email any scanned documents to a customer. The Omni system provides the ability to scan and save images of bills of lading, delivery receipts or any other relevant backup documentation related to loads. Users can easily query the loads to view, print or email any backup to a customer.
  • Send dispatch information to Driver's cell phone.
  • Omni has the feature to send dispatch information using preformatted forms or any messages from your dispatch screen to your driver's cell phones. The Omni System stores the driver cell phone number making it easy and convenient to send the information with just one click. There are no limits on the number of drivers. Providing an economical way to utilize current technology.

  • A fully integrated software package that handles your entire business needs.


  • The system allows for multiple companies that can share or not share mutual information.

  • Pay your Contractors / Drivers by any method: % of revenue, mileage, flat rate, hundred weight, # of cases, stop offs and exception pay.


  •  Interface with any third party vendor's software that has import and export capabilities (i.e. Mileage, communication, payroll services, EDI formats, bulk fuel, etc.


  • Customize freight invoices and computer checks to print on your current forms.


  • Accommodate any unique reporting requirements for your customers with customized programming.


  • On-line documentation at your finger tips as well as easy to understand written manuals.


  • On-site training, web training and training at our training center in Atlanta. Training can be totally customized to your budget and needs.


  • Send dispatch information to driver's cell phone without purchasing third party software.


  • Move towards a paperless work place. With Omni, you can print to a PDF file from the Omni print screen window and save the printouts on your server for future reference.


  • Use the Omni email functions to email reports and images created by Omni directly to a third party. Email invoices to customers and settlements to drivers.