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Local Operations Package

The Omni Local Operations Package is a totally integrated software system designed specifically for local dump truck type operations. The system includes the ability to create jobs or projects for billing and rating both freight and material, including sales tax calculations. All tickets are entered utilizing our quick entry window. All driver pay and owner operator pay is automatically calculated. Invoices are consolidated based on customer requirements and any rate corrections post to driver pay automatically.

Customize the software to fit your individual needs....

Local Operations features:

  • Build job database to define rates specific to each customer for each destination.
  • Set up JOB definition once which includes: origin, destination, Payor, commodity, rate, fuel surcharge, rate for billable material including sales tax and any special driver pay information. This create a job template that can be selected when entering ticket information minimizing data entry time in load assignments and booking, decreasing the time and cost associated with billing and payroll errors.
  • Set up any special information or billing requirements for ticket entry.
  • The system will display any special requirements to the user entering tickets thus decreasing billing errors, reducing the internal administration costs associated with bill processing and auditing.
  • Alphabetical scans to locate Shippers, Consignees and Payors or search for loads by Pro #, Reference #, Bill of Lading or PO# .
  • Easily locate Shippers, Consignees and Payors with an alphabetical search or search for loads by your information or your customer's information. Providing quick access to information means a faster and more effective process which translates to a faster path to profit and productivity.
  • Consolidates invoices by JOB for your customers.
  • The Omni system provides a consolidate invoice based on individual customer requirements. Reducing the time it takes to consolidate items manually and providing accurate statements for your customers eliminates delays in billing and provides good customer relations.
  • Bill for material and sales tax with the ability to post to other companies.
  • The Omni system offers two options for billing material and sales tax. First, bill with the freight charges or second, bill on a separate invoice. In addition, material billed on a separate invoice can also be billed through a different company allowing  tax reporting to exclude any freight charges. Additionally, this allows you to facilitate tax reporting requirement for the state and bill according to customer requirements.
  • Invoice corrections automatically update driver and owner operator pay.
  • The Omni system will automatically adjust driver and owner operator pay for any billing corrections or adjustments, eliminating entering the information twice. This ultimately improves driver retention and reduces the cost associated with processing settlements.
  • Creates driver and owner pay automatically based on ticket entry.
  • The Omni system will automatically calculate and post driver and owner operator pay based on each ticket entry. Accurate information transfers automatically reducing required time to create payroll with correct pay calculations.
  • Fully integrated with our own accounting module.
  • The Omni system is a totally integrated software system. Information entered in ticket entry will transfer to Freight Billing, Settlements / Payroll, Fuel Tax and ultimately into the General Ledger. Our accounting module is standard with all installations; you don't need separate accounting software.
  • Imaging.
  • Dispatchers can easily view, print or email any scanned documents to a customer. The Omni system provides the ability to scan and save images of bills of lading, delivery receipts or any other relevant backup documentation related to loads. Users can easily query the loads to view, print or email any backup to a customer.

The OMNI package has allowed us to coincide our local & over the road operations without any interruptions.

 Pat Alexander
C&W Transport, Winter Garden, FL


  • Build Job Tables specific to each customer to have the system automatically book, rate and bill invoices.
  • Customize freight invoices and computer checks to print on your current forms.
  • Accommodate any unique reporting requirements for your customers with customized programming.
  • On-line documentation at your finger tips as well as easy to understand written manuals.
  • On-site training, web training and training at our training center in Atlanta. Training can be totally customized to your budget and needs.


  • Interface with any third party vendor's software that has import and export capabilities (i.e. Mileage, communication, payroll services, EDI formats, bulk fuel, etc.