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Industry Partners

The Omni software packages interface with the foremost providers of mobile communication, data technology, mileage and fuel interfaces available to the trucking industry. Find out more about our partners by clicking on the links.

alk ALK Technologies
  ALK Technologies is the developer of PC*MILER, routing, mileage and mapping software solution.
rand Rand McNally
  For more than 70 years, Rand McNally has provided innovative print and digital mapping, routing, mileage, and in-cab navigation solutions for the commercial trucking industry. Dedicated to the commercial transportation industry, Rand McNally is committed to evolving and launching industry-leading products and services for drivers, shippers, and carriers.  
comdata Comdata
  Comdata is an industry leader with a suite of flexible financial solutions and regulatory compliance services that improve efficiency and profitability.
efs EFS Transportation Services
  EFS Transportation Services, Inc provides electronic transaction processing solutions for the trucking industry, select retail markets, and financial institutions. Omni interfaces with EFS for seamless transaction processing.
tcheck T-Check Systems
  T-Chek Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of payment and information services to transportation-related organizations. Whether you are an owner operator, a small, medium, or large carrier, truck stop, c-store, or industry supplier, T-Chek can help you measure your business performance, make informed decisions, and manage your day-to-day operations. T-Chek's products and services give you the productivity, purchasing control, negotiating power, and information management you need to increase your bottom line. Omni's  partnership with T-Chek makes processing fuel purchases and advances quick and easy!
peoplenet PeopleNet
  PeopleNet is the leading provider of Internet-based onboard computing and mobile communications systems to the transportation industry, including truckload, LTL, private, and service fleets.
Omnitracs Omnitracs
  Omnitracs, LLC is the source for private and for-hire fleets seeking fleet management solutions, including software applications, platforms and information services. Our intuitive technologies, including solutions for safety and compliance, driver retention, GPS fleet tracking, and fleet maintenance software, can help you solve common fleet problems and achieve your fleet management objectives. With thousands of trucking customers across the Americas, Omnitracs leads the way for fleet management solutions.
fleetone Fleetone
  Fleet One® provides fuel cards and fleet-related payment solutions to businesses and government agencies with vehicles. We offer fuel and maintenance purchasing controls, detailed reporting, online account management and many additional money-saving services. Fleet One is a division of Fleet One Holdings LLC, an affiliate of LLR Partners and FTV Capital.
startrak StarTrak
  StarTrak Systems is the leading provider of wireless solutions for monitoring, GPS tracking and controlling cold chain assets and refrigerated transport. The ReeferTrack ® products include satellite, cellular and RF solutions for trucks, trailers, containers, genset, and rail cars. ReeferTrak ® provides two-way communication with virtually all reefer micros.
tch TCH, LLC
  TCH offers payment cards that support various transportation and financial needs.  TCH’s portfolio includes:  TCH Fleet Fuel Card, TCH Express, FP Solutions, SFJ Express, TCH Fleet MasterCard®, TCH SmartPay, and TCH Checks and MoneyCodes.
klien Kleinschmidt
  Kleinschmidt, the “Customer Driven” Value-Added Network (VAN), provides full Electronic Commerce (EC) and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) services.