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Are you looking for dispatch software or transportation software for your company? Omni Information Systems has all of the trucking software you need for you and your fleet. Software by Omni has already facilitated integration for most after-market products and service providers.

Our broker software has been trusted by businesses for over 25 years. We have extensive experience, and with our nationwide clients and installations, as well as international affiliates, we have the proven track record in the development and implementation of dispatch software and accounting solutions.

At Omni Information Systems, we provide experience across a multitude of carriers, including Truckload, LTL, Container, Local and Broker Operations. Our experience in serving the needs of transportation firms means that you can maximize your investment by having a single system to handle all of your operations while you continue to grow your business

The Omni system software is a completely integrated trucking software system. Information you enter into Dispatch will transfer to Freight Billing, then Settlements/Payroll and finally into the General Ledger. This eliminates your need for third-party accounting software or assistance. By saving on costs for doing your books, you have more money to expand your business.

Our Omni Truck Package is designed for all of your trucking software needs. The system will help you control your freight flow, no matter what type of freight you ship. You will also be able to monitor all trailer locations and drop histories.

The Omni LTL Package caters to the needs of the LTL Trucking Industry. With this software, you will be able to track pick-ups and deliveries, backhauls, consolidated loads and more. This transportation software will also keep track of payments and payroll. You can book loads that are moved out on a regular basis from our repetitive booking file. This will cut down on your data entry time, which saves you both time and money.

With our broker software package, you will be able to assign manifests to carriers and autorate pay calculations for carriers. The broker software will track your loads from pickup to delivery and show your complete payment history to carriers. A feature of our broker software is that you can search and narrow down carriers by any criteria you choose, such as load type and destination. This will cut down on the time it takes to search out carriers, and speeds up the process for your company to make money.

For more information on our Truckload Package, LTL Package, Broker Package and Container Package, please visit our Products page.

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